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Make sure to keep your fluff in a cool, dry place. Cotton candy is very sensitive to heat. Keep out of warm temperatures, away from direct light or melting will occur.

Once opened we recommend eating immediately, while it's fresh and fluffy. Some shrinkage will occur during shipment due to shaking, which is normal. We recommend someone being home day of delivery. Items should be brought inside so your merchandise isn't exposed to excessive heat for an extended time.

Do not refrigerate or freeze. 


Please choose carefully when picking your flavors. Food products can not be returned or exchanged, if you have any questions or concerns about your order please contact us before you submit the order.

Everyone makes mistakes, if you received a wrong order please contact us within 3 business days so we can rectify the problem. After 3 days we can no longer process reships or refunds.

We  can not take responsibility for products damaged in transit due to extreme heat, nor will we replace any products before receiving the delivery circumstances and whether our heat guidelines were followed at time of order. 

If you live in a warmer climate or during really hot times of the year, we recommend expedited shipping when checking out.If you choose a slower shipping option (ground) we can not guarantee your product will arrive safely and fluffy.

Please Double check you enter the correct shipping address and zip code so you can receive our delicious

cloud of goodness.

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